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Patient Success Stories

“I was in no pain and truly it was amazing, no needles”

I’m a confident career driven individual who is in total control of my life but when it comes to the dentist I’m a gibbering mess!  However, this has changed over the last year.

I put off getting a tooth looked at for years as a dentist said I needed a root canal and I’d heard so many horrible stories about root canals.  Unfortunately in January 2015 I had no choice as I was in agony with the tooth!  I rang around to see if I could find a dental surgery that understood my fears about attending the dentist.  I was immediately put at ease on the phone and a few days later visited David Hickey at Southport Road Dental surgery. 

The first thing that impressed me were the lovely ladies on reception who greeted me by my first name, which really was welcoming as I was so nervous and in agony.  When David first met me I was like a rabbit in headlights (his words! which he joked with me recently about).  I was so scared that David’s first recommendation was for me to go to a surgery in Manchester that specialised in sedation!  After spending a bit of time talking with David and one of the nurses I decided to put my faith in David and not go to Manchester.

I’m so glad I did.  It took three visits to complete the root canal but David and the nurses were brilliant, even when I broke down after my second visit.  This was due to the fact that David decided to stop as I was getting distressed and I had hoped that the second visit would be my last.  However, by the third visit it was all done.

Each visit David ensured I was in no pain and truly it was amazing, no needles just what I call a “magic wand”.

I would also like to mention Rebecca the Hygienist who I have been visiting every 3 months for the past year.  Rebecca also makes me feel so comfortable and at ease.

It is now March 2016 and I visited David to have a Crown over the tooth that I had the root canal treatment on.  Although I still get a little apprehensive I always know that David is aware of my nerves but now there is room for a little joking, hence David sharing with me that I was like a rabbit in headlights when he first met me!

I would highly recommend anyone who is nervous or even petrified to visit David and his team of lovely nurses and receptionists.

I’d like to say a big massive thank you to you all.


“Pain-free service with a smile”

After seeing their advert on the internet, I decided to call into the Southport Road dental practice on 11 August to enquire about dental implants, and I am very glad that I did so. After a warm welcome by the reception staff, I was given a free consultation by the very helpful Claire, who explained the process stages and answered the many questions I had about implant procedures, costs, etc.

I wanted to know more about the medical side of the procedure, which required the extraction of two teeth, and later that day I had a free consultation and X-rays with Dr David Hickey, who has the nicest ‘bedside manner’ of all the medical professionals that I have ever met – and I’ve met many. He explained the options to me and gave me an ‘all-in’ fixed price. He didn’t try to pressurise me into having the procedure done, or use any scare-mongering tactics.

I was told that if I decided to go ahead, I would need a CT scan to determine if there was enough bone present. Two days later I had the CT scan and on 18 August I had the implant procedure at the Southport Road practice. All within one week!

I was given a small injection in my arm, which I could hardly feel, to sedate me, and I was awake for the whole procedure, which took about an hour. I had two teeth extracted and two implants inserted, and the amazing thing is that although I remember being instructed a few times to open my mouth, I cannot recall anything else, including having the two teeth extracted or having the implants inserted, no matter how hard I try. I was not aware of any pain whatsoever throughout the entire procedure. I had no pain after the operation – just a little tenderness in my mouth which disappeared after two days.

I’ve not had the ‘teeth’ fitted to the implants yet – this takes place once the implants have settled into the jawbone, so I’m look forward to the end product.

Pain-free, and service with a smile! Thoroughly recommended.

— Mel Barnes, Chorley

 “Certainly pain free”

I have just had a dental implant and what a difference it has made to me, I couldn’t stop smiling, something i was very conscious of before the procedure.

David was very good he made me feel at ease from the very start he explain the procedure in detail and nothing was too much trouble, I was very nervous and anxious but this soon disappeared and every question was answered. 

The procedure was certainly pain free and i would recommend the practice to anyone especially if you suffer from anxiety as I did, a big WELL DONE to David and all his team !!!!  Thank you

—Mrs Linda Jones Armstrong, Standish

   “A painless experience”

I had the gaps in my bottom row of teeth closed, which I was previously very embarrassed about, this was a painless experience and one that I would recommend.  It was well worth the time and patience that David provided really put me at ease.

—Mrs Irene Jackson, Chorley

“An excellent, professional service”

My teeth were damaged during and operation leaving me unable to eat and enjoy food.  I also lacked the confidence to smile.

I contacted Southport Road Dental Practice and all of the  team from reception, the dental nurses, hygienist and Mr Brierley provide an excellent, professional service in a caring and thoughtful environment.

The staff also dealt with my mobility difficulties, putting me at ease.  No problem presented any difficulty.

The Southport Road Dental Practice team prioritise the importance of the patient always being comfortable and at ease.  Now I can eat and enjoy food and smile with confidence again!

— Miss R Goodman, Chorley

 “No pain!” 

I recently  had three fillings in my upper jaw and felt no pain whatsoever.  David Hickey is undoubtedly the best dental surgeon I have experienced.

I would definitely recommend this dental practice

—Mr M Gibbs, Chorley

“They put you at ease” 

As a nervous patient I feel at ease when at Southport Road Dental Practice.  The staff are friendly and very welcoming and they put you at ease.  I don’t trust anyone one else with my teeth.

—Miss Sarah Sutcliffe, Chorley

“I now have a smile to be proud of”

After suffering a fainting accident two years ago, I knocked out my front teeth and loosened another tooth, both these front teeth are quite prominent.  I was in a state of shock and panic, as it happened at the weekend, I had to stay in hospital for 24 hours.

When I finally got discharged, I was recommended to go to Southport Road Dental practice.

After a consultation with Dr Brierly, I was assured I would be OK.  But would have to wear a brace for four months.  On examination it was brought to my attention, I had problems with my gums which had not been mentioned by my previous dentist.  If this problem was not addressed urgently, then I ran the risk of losing my teeth.

We discussed a plan treatment, which would involve the dental hygienist Rebecca.  I had to go for treatment every three months for two years which is still on going to keep my gums in good health.

Now I can boast my teeth are perfect and gums restored to health, thanks to the hygienist’s hard work and myself following the advice given to me.

I highly recommend Mr Brierly and his practice and all the staff thanks to the practice they saved my teeth and gums.  I now have a smile to be proud of and beautiful teeth

—Mrs Foster, St Helens

“A painless experience” 

I had the gaps in my bottom row of teeth closed, which I was previously very embarrassed about.  This was a painless experience and one I would recommend. David provided me with time and patience to complete the treatment and put me at ease.

–Mrs I Jackson, Chorley 

 “Excellent at doing what they do” 

I recently needed dental treatment for the first time in 25 years and was terrified by the thought of visiting the dentist. David Hickey and his team were excellent at doing what they do, and the treatment was, as promised, pain-free. I would thoroughly recommend them.

—Mrs Roshani Swift, Blackburn 

“I cannot recommend this practice highly enough”

I am ashamed to admit that due to a totally unfounded fear, I had not been to the dentist for nearly 25 years.

I was persuaded to visit Mr Brierley, by my children who have been his patients since they were 6 months old and love coming to see him.

Because of the understanding, patience and support afforded me by both Mr Brierly and all of the staff at the practice, I have gone from being completely petrified of having a check-up to having  voluntary cosmetic procedures!

I have visited Mr Brierly & Mr Hickey, as well as Rebecca Winstanley and can say with complete honesty that I feel totally at ease with them all.

I cannot recommend this practice highly enough, especially for anyone who feels anxious or unsure about what to expect, thank you.

— A Topping

 “I felt no pain at all during my treatment”

Today I had 3 fillings – for me quite extensive treatment!  I have attended the dentist regularly for a number of years because I feel it is important to my general health, particularly attending for hygienist appointments.  I felt no pain at all during my treatment and had each stage of treatment fully explained to me.

The atmosphere was friendly, reassuring and relaxed.  Importantly, I was asked to contact the dentist if I had any problems after the treatment.  I have been able to recommend this practice for many years and feel fully confident in the new set-up.  Many Thanks to all the staff.

            — May Williams

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