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Restoring And Maintaining Your Smile

Root Canal Treatment

Sounds scary right?

With our painless systems in place there is nothing to be scared of! A root canal treatment is needed if the inside of your tooth gets infected.  If this infection is left then abscesses can occur!

Using a collection of numbing gels and anaesthetics we can take out that problematic root, fill it and restore your tooth and we guarantee that you’ll have no pain or we’ll give you your money back!

Once this procedure has been done your smile won’t make you cry with pain, sensitivity to hot and cold foods will have disappeared and there will be no more pain or swelling in your gum!

White Fillings

Hate those unsightly mercury fillings? Did you know you don’t need to have them?

Here at Southport Road we want to restore your teeth to their former glory with our white coloured fillings. No-one will ever even know that you have had a filling and you won’t be reminded of it every time you smile!

This isn’t just a treatment for new cavities either. We can replace your old dark fillings with white ones! Contrary to popular belief white fillings are just as strong and have as much staying power as metal ones.

They are carefully built up in your tooth in stages and set with a special high intensity light after each stage, so that when you’re done, you wouldn’t know that the whole tooth wasn’t your own!

Virtual Smile Consultation

Take the next step to a fantastic new smile with a 3 Step Virtual Consultation from your own home!

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