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Dental Crowns

Crowns can be used for broken or heavily filled teeth that aren’t going to last!

They can also be used to even out your smile and the shape of your teeth. 

There are different types of crowns available and we will always take the time to figure out what is best for you.

Porcelain crowns are going to keep your smile looking completely natural – no one would even know that the tooth wasn’t your own!

They are mostly used for the teeth that may need to be replaced in the front of your mouth.

Gold and silver crowns are more commonly used for the teeth near the back of your mouth as they are very durable. 

If the idea of having a solid metal tooth replacement isn’t for you, we can use a tooth which is both.  A porcelain crown with a metal core can be used to keep your smile looking natural!

Because the crown is attached to your tooth, they are the ideal alternative to dentures, you can eat and drink as you always have done and smile like never before! 

Susan Morrison experiences stress free crown treatment

All your questions answered…

  • What Are Crowns?

    Crowns (or caps) are used to protect and restore teeth which are damaged.  They are often used over teeth that have experienced large amounts of decay and can no longer hold a filling and can be used after a tooth has undergone a root canal treatment to protect what is left of your treated tooth to ensure that you continue to have a smile that is functional.

  • Why Choose A Crown?

    There are many reasons that you might choose to have a crown, including: 

    • Your tooth is broken and can’t be repaired with a filling
    • Crowns can be used cosmetically to improve the appearance of your smile and in some cases make it straighter too.
    • They can be used after root canal treatment to strengthen your tooth

    As with any treatment here at Southport Road we will always discuss all of the treatment options available to you to figure out what will achieve the best results for you and your smile. 

  • What Will My Crowns Be Made Of?

    There are a number of different materials that crowns can be made from.  Some are made of gold as this is very durable and strong.    For the teeth that you show when you smile a porcelain crown will generally be used to give you a completely natural appearance.

  • How Long Do Crowns Last?

    Your new crown needs just as much care and attention as your own teeth.  If neglected your new crown, just like your natural teeth, will become damaged and need replacing.  But with good care and regular visits to the dentist there is no reason that a high quality crown won’t last you 10 years+.

  • What Happens Next?

    Once you have decided that a crown is the treatment option for you and you are ready to go ahead with having the crown fitted, the first appointment you will come in for will be to prepare your tooth. This involves reshaping the tooth so that your crown can be placed over the top of it and sit in place like a natural tooth.  After the tooth has been shaped we will take an impression of your teeth to send to our technicians at the dental lab who will create your beautiful new tooth.

    Around a week later you will come back in to have the laboratory made tooth fitted.  Between these two appointments we will place a temporary crown onto the prepared tooth to ensure that no damage is done to it. Before your new crown is fixed into place we will show you how your smile will look and make sure that you are happy with the feel and look of your new tooth.  Once you are happy the crown will be bonded to your prepared tooth so that it is secure, functional and allows you to talk, eat and smile with confidence. 

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