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Dentistry Without The Drill

“Fear free dentistry using waterlase technology”

David Hickey from Southport Road Dental Practice here. 

One of the major fears that our patients have when they come in to see us is both the sound and the feel of the dental drill. 

As we are a practice that are forward looking and always live by our core values, one of which is that we like to treat everyone as if they were part of our family or friends, I looked around to see what was available to take away the sound effects and the feel of the drill, and we have come across the Waterlase which I have here to my right. 

This is a laser which allows us to do many of the aspects of dentistry without the vibrations and it’s a friendly piece of equipment, it doesn’t have the same sound as you would find with a dentist’s drill. 

It’s another great piece of our pain free method of treating people and we’d love to see you to show you what it can do. 

*98% of the time drill free depending on each case

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